Vision - Friends of Himalaya

Vision Statement

'Friends of Himalayas' is endeavoring to

  • To find solutions through developing linkages between grass roots, local, state and national level efforts. It will help in improving the lives of people in Himalayan region.
  • To promote and integrate research, advocacy and communication to create pressure groups at various levels to influence public policy.
  • To bring together civil society groups (media, academics, NGOs, researchers) in a common platform on certain issues to create pressure group for influencing government plans and policies.
  • To generate debate in the society on the issues affecting the downtrodden and marginalized sections of society in Himalayan region.
  • To function as a resource center and provide information support to the youth, students and others (media, academics, NGOs, researchers).
  • To work relentlessly against rampant use of alcoholism, tobacco and all other forms of drugs.
  • To empower single parents by providing direct and indirect assistance for their livelihood generation.
  • To work for the betterment of child education in remote areas of Himalayan region, and in particular focus on children of workers employed in informal sector.