About - Friends of Himalaya

About The Forum

‘Friends of Himalaya’ foundation was established almost two decades ago informally by students of JNU in New Delhi. Its ultimate purpose was to help local communities in backward regions of Himalayas. Now, it’s a fully functioning charitable organization committed to the long term prosperity of the region.

We support various livelihood projects. Over the years our organization received generous funds from donors across the country to runs various projects for the economic, social and cultural empowerment of traditional communities. We specifically serve people who are entirely based on agriculture and animal husbandry for survival.

In the financial year 2017-18, total 35 lakh rupees were spent in various projects ranging from women empowerment, education, skill development, employment generation, conservation of nature and child rights among other things. In the current financial year, total outlay likely to remain around one crore.

Friends of Himalayas (formally Friends of Uttarakhand) is still a forum of professionals, university students and research scholars from various universities and institutions, who share ideological moorings and deeply committed to the inclusive and equitable growth of the region.